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About Art of Life Harmony & Jeannine Walston

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To support harmony as a vehicle of life through art photography, other artwork formats, and apparel.

Jeannine Walston combines photographic genres to create pieces conveying contemporary, abstract expression, landscape, and nature, with choices of metal, acrylic, and canvas. Her talented lens captures simplicity and sophistication while elevating your space with our Gallery Quality art. 

In childhood, her artistic eyes and expression were captured in nature, ultimately living and traveling in other countries. Cultures gave her more visions to incorporate dynamics in her worldview and inner art textures.

Her life-journey expansion shifted on edge when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1998 at 24 years old, including 3 awake brain surgeries and other therapies. In the process, her spiritual and soulful dimensions uncovered meaning and unification with the whole person. Unique cultivations and clarifications about human beings and life are shown in her genres.

Core and profound messages in her art deliver joy, insights, power, energy, resilience, gratitude, and abundance. Jeannine creates art to evoke higher vibrancy, transformation, and evolution.

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Jeannine Walston Art of Life Harmony